Monadnock Developmental Services provides assistance to children and adults with developmental and related disabilities so that they may live, work and go to school in their communities.Those eligible to receive services from MDS are children (0-21) and adults (21+) with disabilities including Intellectual Disability, Cerebral Palsy, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Epilepsy, and severe Learning Disabilities. We also provide support for children with chronic health conditions, adults with an Acquired Brain Disorder, and Early Supports & Services for children under age 3 with developmental delays.

Children’s Service Coordination (CSC) – works with families to determine the best combination of supports for children up to age 21. Includes Early Supports and Services (ESS)Partners in Health, and In-Home Supports.

Adult Service Coordination (ASC) – works with individuals over age 21 to identify and develop the support they need to live in their community.


How does the intake process work?
First step for those seeking services is to go through Intake at MDS. The Intake Coordinator at MDS can help determine eligibility for your family member. You can also visit the DHHS website,, for information on eligibility requirements, which are prescribed by State (Bureau of Developmental Services) and Federal (Center for Medicaid Services) regulations.

If your family member is determined to be eligible, here are next steps:

Is your family member under the age of 3? They will enter the system through Early Supports & Services (ESS) and have a choice of using MDS Birth to Three or Rise for baby and family for their ESS services.

Is your family member age 3-21? They will enter the system through Children’s Services. (Please note that if an individual leaves school at age 18, they enter into the Adult System once out of school.) Depending on what the diagnosis/situation is, they will be eligible for Service Coordination, Respite and, if necessary, In Home Supports. Children with chronic medical conditions are served through Partners in Health (PIH). Children’s service coordination also provides Transition from youth to adult services.

Over 21? They enter into Adult Services and receive Adult Service Coordination. Service Coordinators act as case managers. Individuals can choose Service Coordination through MDS, or through Self/Family Directed Services (SDS), or from an outside Service Coordinator. Adult services available include residential, day, employment, respite, and others.

This is a general overview of the flow of services over the lifetime of individuals who receive services for a developmental disability.

To find out about eligibility, call 603-352-1304 or email the MDS Intake Coordinator, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., who can inform you and lead you through the eligibility process, and then also help in setting up services once eligibility is determined.





The website of the Bureau of Developmental Services at the NH Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) gives the most updated and specific guidelines for eligibility for:

Acquired Brain Disorder Services

Adult Services

Children & Adolescent Services

Family Centered Early Supports and Services

Family Support Services

Medicaid for Employed Adults with Disabilities (MEAD)