Are you a caregiver who is dreaming of the next step in your career that furthering your education will help you to reach? The Sean Tease Scholarship has been established at Monadnock Developmental Services to recognize and acknowledge those who choose to be caregivers by honoring a person in southwestern New Hampshire with special qualities who has demonstrated sustained drive to make a positive difference in the life of the person who he or she serves. We are intending to honor a direct support person (DSP) or home provider who works with people with disabilities.

Over the past few years we have awarded thousands of dollars scholarships to provide extended learning to a number of local caregivers. These opportunities have including earning LNA certification, tuition coverage for Registered Nurse education, creative writing courses to foster personal innovation, and American Red Cross training.

If you are considering the next step in your career that furthering your education will help you to reach, this scholarship may be useful to you. On behalf of Sean’s family and the scholarship committee composed of people who made his community-based program possible, we invite you to review the scholarship criteria and submit an application. Questions? Visit where you'll find application forms and an FAQ.

Deadline for application with references is Thursday, November 30, 2017.

DSPs work hard each and every day to support those with developmental disabilities and traumatic brain injuries. We try our best to mark their exceptional contributions along the way, those who are out there on the front lines, providing support and care so that people with developmental and related disabilities can live and work in their community. During the month of September, we take a little extra time to officially recognize these unsung heroes.

These caregivers are hardworking people, often underpaid, who give others the opportunity to survive, thrive and have the best life they can. DSPs do rewarding work that touches everyone.

Here at MDS, we want to take this opportunity to thank every direct support professional – at MDS and many other organizations in the Monadnock region – and let them know how much their work makes a difference in the lives of the people they support.

Take a look at this list of DSPs who work at MDS.  Take time to say thank you for the good work they do.


Mary Andreasen

Amy Aro-Youngman

Cassandra Aucoin

Tara Babcock

Sean Bailey

Kelly Baldwin

Melissa Ball

Linda Barndollar

Christina Barnes

Christopher Bartlett

Christopher Baxter

Roberta Benner

Brandi  Bills

Heather Bilodeau

June Blake

Lea Ann  Blake

Miranda Blanchette

Allen Bosworth

Andrew Bouchard

Sondra Boudreau

Walter Boynton

Melissa Breen

Erin Bristol

Scott Britton

Cheryl Britton

Debra Brunt

Matthew Brutto

Nichole Buckley

April Burgess

Michele Burnham

Kaitlin Burnham

Elijah Cademartori

Barbara Canavan

Michelle Canon

Patricia Card

Craig Carey

Alexandria Carneiro

Daniel Carney-Olmstead

Shannon Caron

Vanessa Carrier

Diane Carroll

Yolanda  Cashman

Patti Casper

Amanda Chamberlin

Wendy Chamberlin

Bonnie Champney

Wendy Chandler

Siobhan Charron

David Chase

Sarah Chatfield-Seaver

Bethany Chauncey

Sharon Chickering

Callies Clark

Amanda Clough

Russell Cloutier

John Coey

Deanna Cole

Courtney Comtois

Armand Comtois Jr.

Heidi Cormier-Belletete

Heather Cort

Gary Courtemanche

Katherine Cousins

Jaclynn Cousins

Kendra Covington

Susan Cristini

Jessica Criswell

Debra Ann Cross

Marlene Damery

Nancy Darby

Brandi Davis

Nancy Davis

Sarah Davis

Dream Dawn

Ryan Dearden

Carrissa Debettencourt

Lore DeForest

Lorriane Dellasanta

James Devoid

Tracey Dewey

Jessica Dickey

Brianna Donofrio

Gerald Doughty

Anjalee Dreher

Teressa Drogue

Felicia Dudek

Deirdre Duncan

Hunter Durfee

Mary Easterling

Linda Eddy

Amber Evans

Kellie Farnum

Anne Fifield

Jesse Fiorillo

Kaela Fish

Nancy Fish

Patrick Fisher

Suzanna Fiske

Nicole Fontaiine

Mary Fordham

Leslie Foster

Amanda Fradette

Stephanie Franco

Amy Fulton

Scott Gauthier

Linda Glancey

Fred Goldberg

Joel Gomarlo

Mary Gray

Hannah Groth

Cynthia Grout

Nicole Gryszowka

Shauna Hagstrom

Jaide Hall

Robert Hamilton Jr.

Cynthia Hatt

Samantha Hautanen

Laurie Heath

Jill Hickox

Robbie Hobbs

Susan Hodgdon

Debby Hope

Susan Horton

June Jacobs

Denise Jalbert

Sara Johnson

Jaimee Kay

Diane Kelly

Caitlin Kilanski

Cassy Kimball

Susan Kingsbury

Jonna Kitsune

Susan Kretchman

Heath Kurra

EmilyAnn LaClair

Mary LaCoille

Jeanne LaFleur

Tori Laires

Rachel Lally

Donna Lang

Geo Latta

Aaron Laundry

Emma Ledwith

Kiah Leech

Renee Legault

Layla Lewis

Donna Locher

Joan Lowell

Joshua Lussier

Hannah Maciolek

Maryelisabeth MacKay

Raymond MacLean

Laura Maguire

Christian Manirkiza

Amber Manton

Sierra Marcus

Shannon Martin

Margaret Mason

Stacey Massiah

Abigail May

Lauren Maynard

Melissa McCutcheon

Cheryl McDaniel-Thomas

Shannon Merchant

Jennifer Migotsky

Jeanette Millar

Andrea Moore

Deborah Moya

Crystal Murrin

Martha Nero

Toan Nguyen

Lorelei Nickerson

Richmond Nunn

Nicole O'Hara

Eric Olmstead

Brandon Olson

Sarah Parham-Brown

Sandra Parker

Dennis Parris

Hallel Parsons

Jamie Patenaude

Cary Patterson

Linda Payne

Brian Pelczarski

Shannon Pendilla

Maria Perez-Perogil

Terry Perkins

Shara Petifer

Michele Phillips

Thomas Picucci

Katelynn Pitchard

Keith Plunske

Sean Powers

Deborah Pratt

Michael Price

Paul Racano

David Rice

Jenna Richards

Maureen Richardson

Amy Richardson

Saige Rodgers

Chrystal Rondeau

Rebie Russell

Bayleigh Salmi

Jennifer  Sawyer

Rosemary Schantz

Stella Scott

Eryn Sellarole

Susan Shaw

Alexander Simeon

Rebecca Simmons

Jennifer Smith

Daryl Somerset

Nanci Spath

Janice Speed

Cameron Spiess

Tammy Spoon

Judith St. Germain

Adam Stacy

Daniel Stapleton

Sharon Stickney

Jesse Stirtan

Shirley Stocker

Erika Streeter

Nicole Streeter

Tracy Summers

Robert Symington

Kaitlyn Tacy

Lea Ann Tacy Bartlett

Jodi Tapply

Andrea Tarr

Bailey Taylor

Trudy Taylor-Lawrence

Charles Tenney  III

Lloyd Terry

Corinne Tetreault

Jodi Thibeault

Alexis Thompson

Barbara Thorngren

Charlene Thresher

Bridgette Tower

Lisa Trombley

Meghan Trubiano

Shelby Tucker

Kathleen Twombly

Amber Tynan

Louis Velasquez

Robert Vigeant

F Wagner

Colleen Walsh-Wolterbeek

Kurt Walter

Diane Way

Megan Weaver

Sacha Weiss

Marion Wheeler

Vicki White

Barbara Whitman

Barbara Whitney

Elise Wilder

Sharon Wilder

Shane Willey

Brionna Williams

Barbara Wilson

Edwin Wilson

Holly Wilson

Paula Windoloski

Ronald Witzke

Annalea Wohlgemuth

Jeanne Wolhandler

Linda Wolmer

Jillian Woodard

Nancy Woods

Deborah Wright

Dennis Wright

Amut Yakovleff

The latest issue of NH Challenge, a quarterly publication that presents disability issues from a family perspetive, is now available. Click here to download the Summer 2017 NH Challenge.


Each fall Monadnock Developmental Services selects the Monadnock region Direct Support Professional (DSP) and Home Provider of the Year, recognizing a DSP and a Home Provider who have shown outstanding service in caring for the people with whom they work on a daily basis. This year’s winners are Charles “Pete” Tenney III, DSP of the Year; and Esther Beverly, Home Provider of the Year.

Pete Tenney, 2017 DSP of the YearThis year’s Monadnock Region DSP of the Year is Pete Tenney of Winchester. For more than a dozen years, following his retirement from the U.S. Postal Service, Pete has worked quietly and effectively to motivate and encourage the people he supports. His focus on building relationships and moving forward to build one’s life have paid off in spades with those lucky enough to work with him. This has been particularly true with a local man whose aggressive behaviors have dwindled considerably over the past five years, thanks to Pete’s hard work and patience. Pete also volunteers with the Keene Special Olympics group, coaching basketball, softball, bowling and track for over ten years. His exemplary caregiving skills are also put to use in the MDS Peer Mentor program, in which he provides one-on-one guidance and support to new DSPs as they learn the ropes of caregiving.

“Pete is a role model for our individuals and his peers. He is known for his sensitivity, giving nature, and desire to help those in need. His overall commitment to the people we serve is remarkable,” says a long-time MDS Service Coordinator Heather Riley.

Esther Beverly, 2017 Home Provider of the YearEsther Beverly, also from Winchester, is the 2017 Monadnock Region Home Provider of the Year. Over the past four years, Esther has diligently forged a relationship with a young woman with significant behavioral challenges who had moved from provider to provider over a period of many years. She welcomed Jen into her family, built trust, and created a safe home environment for her. The results have been heartening for everyone. Esther’s dedication to helping Jen has helped stabilize her behaviors, focus on personal growth, and set and achieve goals.

“As part of the Beverly family, Jen feels like she contributes to something worthwhile every day, and has something to work toward,” says Beth Staudt, MDS Service Coordinator.  “None of this would have come to fruition if not for the everyday, intensive support, unconditional love, guidance and encouragement of Esther.”

We thank all our DSPs and Home Providers for the good work they do each and every day to support people with developmental disabilities. Other nominees for this year’s awards were: Sharon Beal, Troy; Mary Burton, Greenfield; Brandi Davis, Keene; Diane Erb, Keene; Diane Gregory, Antrim; Michelle Jaramillo, Hancock; Billy Kirker, Troy; and Nikki Wilcox and Megan McDonald, Marlborough.

In the work done by MDS and its partners, Direct Support Professionals (DSPs) and Home Providers are the closest to the front line, after families, in supporting people with disabilities. Congratulations to these outstanding caregivers and to all DSPs and Home Providers who make a difference each and every day in the lives of those with developmental disabilities and in need of long-term care and support.