concordnhMarch 18, 2015:  The Developmental Services budget took a significant reduction in the March 17 budget deliberations in the NH House. Funding for DD/ABD/IHS and Family Support has been reduced by $26 million in state funds (about $52 million in total funds) from the Governor's proposed budget. The House will vote today, March 18, to consider ordering DHHS to consolidate the Area Agencies.

The budget now includes instructions for DHHS to save 5% of the total "spend" for developmental disability and elder long term care services. This savings is projected to be achieved through the management of CFI and DD waiver services through the two Managed Care health plans: WellSense and NH Healthy Families. Finally, adults over the age of 21 will no longer be able to access Optional Medicaid Services as defined by CMS. These services include ambulance, PT, OT, Personal Care, and Targeted Case Management.

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