Due to fiscal constraints beyond our control, we regret to announce that MDS will be closing LifeArt Community Resource Center at the end of April. Up until that time, hours will be reduced and some programs will be discontinued immediately.

LifeArt currently employs one full-time and six part-time staff. MDS will work with those staff people to identify other employment opportunities within the agency if possible. We are counting on service coordinators, program managers, and provider agencies to seek out alternative community activities for the dozens of individuals who are part of the LifeArt community.

In this difficult budget season, increasing fiscal constraints have resulted in a significant decrease in flexible funds for the agency. MDS has used these flexible dollars to support many unfunded programs and has had to take a hard look at those to determine if they can still be supported. A good portion of these funds have paid for LifeArt. These funds are no longer available to support its operations; thus management has made the difficult decision to close LifeArt.

More than 15 years of rich history resides with LifeArt - community suppers, craft classes, volunteerism, action groups, Friday Fun Nights, and so much more. The concept of bringing people together in a common space was devised by a group of people with and without disabilities. Throughout the years it has provided a warm and welcoming space for many people, not only in times of need, but as a regular part of their daily life.

We deeply appreciate the efforts of so many for their support and dedication to MDS and LifeArt. MDS continues to have a strong commitment to the concepts that LifeArt espouses. We look forward to having conversation during our upcoming strategic planning process as we work toward a new chapter of community participation.