Make plans now to attend the Senate Finance Committee budget hearing in Concord on Tuesday, May 5 -- our only change to make our views known about disabilities services funding and to impact the Senate's version of the budget. The afternoon session begins at 3:00 and ends at 5:00, when the committee adjourns for dinner. The evening session will begin at 6:00 and will continue until all have had a chance to speak.

Click here for details on the impact of House-approved budget cuts, and how people could be affected.

Click here for details on testifying and attending the May 5th hearing.

We want to fill all the seats in the hall, whether you are testifying or not. Each speaker will have two minutes to present his or her testimony, approximately one typed page length. All those testifying should have seven (7) copies of their testimony, so that each committee member can have a copy.

Those who attend should wear black, with our pink "People Can't Wait" buttons. This will be our only chance to impact the Senate, so please plan to be present. You are the person who can make the difference. Contact your Service Coordinator for more information.

You have the power. Your action can make the difference. Contact your Senator. Come to Concord on the afternoon of Tuesday, May 5.

Click here for downtown Concord parking information.

Call to Action!

•             Contact your Senator - write, email, phone to let her or him know your views on disabilities services funding.

•             Prepare testimony (your story) to be used at the May 5th hearing.

•             Attend the May 5th afternoon hearing in Concord if you can - even if you don't want to speak, your presence there is important!

•             If you can't attend the hearing, pass along your story to your MDS Service Coordinator so it can be included with other testimony.

•             Write a Letter to the Editor to your local paper based on your testimony/story. Copy your Senator.

We need to keep this issue before the public during the next month, as well as the Senate Finance Committee. Contact your Senator today, write letters, and attend the May 5th hearing in Concord if you can.

Click here to find your Senator, phone number and email.