CSNI HB620 4KeyReasonsToVoteNoLEGISLATIVE UPDATE: June 23, 2017

A quick update with this week's news from Concord on the legislative front.

HB 620 related to special education was fortunately KILLED by the Senate. That means that it is not a threat this year. This is great news, thanks in great part to great advocacy by parents, families, and staff!

On the budget, the HB 144 (originally HB1) budget passed with a 198-169 vote. The HB 517 (originally HB2) trailer bill passed with a 212-161. Essentially this was a vote along party lines.

Good work by all! Thank you.


ACTION ALERT: June 15, 2017

On Thursday, June 22, the full NH House and Senate will vote on two key pieces of legislation affecting our community. Your action and attention are particularly needed on HB 620, which could threaten special education!

LEGISLATIVE ALERT: NH’s Legislature Proposes to Minimize Education/Special Education Rights in SB620 Vote on June 22nd

This last minute surprise is a VERY SERIOUS threat to NH’s special education rules. Your help is needed to protect NH’s special education rights!

From CSNI:  Your voice does make a difference!

HB 620 will be voted on by the full House and Senate on June 22nd. It is ESSENTIAL we have as many people reach out to their Senators and State Representatives to ask them to vote AGAINST the committee of conference recommendations for HB 620.  Click here to read "Four Key Reasons to Vote NO on HB 620".

If this bill is passed and made a law it can destroy decades of advocacy efforts to strengthen NH’s special education rules and laws.

The current rules support parental involvement, protects students from harm, provides accountability and many more benefits to children that require special education.

Families involved with special education as well as general education, neighbors, friends, and family can ALL reach out to their elected officials. There are over 400 State Representatives and Senators.

Your voice DOES make a difference! It has happened before on this specific bill and it needs to be heard again!

The overall message to our representatives is to VOTE NO on HB 620!

Read attached message from family member Bonnie Dunham, on HB620 details, impact, and how to take action today! Click here to read document with full information.

Next Thursday, June 22, 2017, the full House & Senate will vote on new proposed language for HB 620, an Act relative to compliance with state and federal education mandates.

IMPACT: THIS IS A CRISIS! NH’s special education rules include essential rights and protections that NH children with disabilities and their parents have worked for and relied on for decades! If the committee of conference’s version of HB 620 passes, it will trigger massive changes in education and special education policy, and will erode essential special education rights and protections. The result could be that NH rules for special education would revert to the minimum allowed by Federal law.

The full House and Senate will vote on HB 620 next Thursday. YOU CAN stop this bill from becoming law. PLEASE take action now by calling, writing or email your representatives.

Contact Bonnie Dunham by email -- This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. --  about details, impact, and how to take action today!
Click here to read full document with detailed information.


LEGISLATIVE UPDATE: NH House and Senate Will Vote on Proposed Budget on Thursday, June 22nd

The full House and the full Senate will vote on the most recently created biennial budget on June 22nd. No amendments can be presented that day. It will be a straight “yes” to pass, or “no” to kill it. If the budget does not pass, then the State of New Hampshire could go into a Continuing Resolution agreement until a final budget is adopted. Read the full CSNI update here.

As it stands right now the developmental disability community will receive an increase in funding when compared to the current budget that ends June 30. One highlight is that we secured additional new funding for the Early Supports and Services program for the first time since 2009. Despite many attempts to get additional funding for the DD wait list, we are still about $18 million short. The Area Agencies and DHHS strongly believe that without additional funding the current budget proposal does not fully fund the DD wait list. This will lead to many families and individuals being without services.

Despite our disappointment with the final product, we believe that passing a budget is better than not having a budget at all. The failure to pass a budget next week could lead to additional funding reductions and confusion at DHHS and its partners in the community.

Read the full CSNI Budget Update…