The Keene Police Department is asking for the community’s help with implementing a program to help identify homes of children/adults at risk in our community. This could include residents with Alzheimer’s, dementia or children with autism and/or other developmental risks. The goal of this program is to improve the safety of our at-risk residents, especially if/when they have interaction with police.

The first step of this program would be to identify the addresses of at risk residents. The addresses will be entered into the police department data base in an effort to provide officers with information prior to their arrival. This information will be kept confidentially within the Keene Police Department and shared with emergency responders only as necessary to protect the safety of at risk residents. This program would help emergency response personnel to minimize the possibility of creating distress for the residents and create a more positive police interaction. Those interested in participating in this program or finding out more should contact the Keene Police Department at 603-357-9813. A copy of the form is available online at