Message from Marylouise Alther
Family Education & Support Coordinator/Legislative Liaison
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Welcome to a new Legislative year! This is not a budget year, but there are bills which need our attention and advocacy.

The Legislature meets in early January and will begin to vote on bills which have numbers and language assigned to them. Bills are different than LSRs, which are Legislative Service Requests. Some LSRs will become bills and will be voted on. Others of the LSRs will go by the wayside and/or stay in a committee.

MDS needs your support and advocacy for some of these bills, which directly affect your lives. Here are three of the bills we are watching:

* HB 578 Relative to Services for the Developmentally Disabled. This bill is an amendment to help clarify funding for the Developmental Disability Wait List.  This amendment, which the House will vote on first, has to do with ensuring that funding is available for services for people, 18-21 years of age, upon graduation.

* HB 1436 Relative to Autism Spectrum Disorder Insurance Coverage. This bill increases the insurance coverage for autism spectrum services.

* HB 1576 Establishing a Targeted Workforce Development Program. This bill establishes the targeted workforce development program and workforce development fund.

Please take note of these bills above. You will be hearing from me in regard to letter-writing, calling your representatives or giving personal testimony. These efforts do make an impact. Last session, MDS sent 64 letters to Concord in support of Medicaid rate increases. It passed and we now have a 3.1% increase, beginning Jan. 1, 2020. It is still uncertain how this will be distributed, but all of your efforts paid off. Let’s keep the momentum going.

Thank you so much,
Marylouise Alther
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
603-603-352-1304 ext 247 or 603-313-8693