A significant piece of an individual’s independence is the ability to work. During the month of October we pay tribute to the accomplishments of men and women with disabilities whose work helps keep our economy strong. We uphold our ongoing commitment to ensure equal opportunity for all citizens.
In recognition of this important event, the NH Employment Leadership Committee (ELC) has put together their October 2020 NH Family Employment Newsletter. This newsletter highlights some of the employment success stories happening across the Granite State. Click here to access this newsletter (pdf).

The latest NH Disability Employment Data report shows that, although progress continues to be made, there is still a long way to go to shrink the disability employment gap. As of late 2019, Region 5 (MDS) reports a 36.3% employment rate for those with disabilities, compared to the NH rate of 33.7%. Nationally, the disability employment rate is under 30%, so NH and the Monadnock Region are doing better than the U.S. as a whole. Click here to read the Dec 2019 Disability Employment Data report.