On Friday, July 1, Governor Sununu signed 39 bills into law, a number of which are of interest to our community.

SB 422 and HB 103, both pertaining to an adult dental benefit, are now law, after many years of advocacy and negotiations. Over 120,000 Granite State adult Medicaid recipients will have access to dental benefits, starting in April 2023. Special thanks to Rep. Joe Schapiro (Keene) for his tireless efforts to ensure dental health coverage for our most vulnerable citizens. Click here to see the NH Smiles Program Dental Benefit overview (July 2022).

HB 1513 gives students with IEPs the right to remain in school until the end of the academic year during which they turn 22. Click here to view a Fact Sheet on these changes for children with disabilities provided by the Bureau of Special Education Support at the NH Department of Education.

SB 238 ensures that students who receive special education services will continue to do so regardless of the public school chosen by the family.

SB 381 establishes an office of the advocate for special education.

HB 1135 provides for the requirement of an audit of education freedom accounts.