On Saturday, April 3rd, the Keene Sentinel ran a profile of Mary Starkweather, a Keene woman who suffered a serious brain injury at the age of 18. The article focuses on how she has followed up on a wish she expressed in a story in the Monadnock Views Fall 2008 newsletter.  At that time she said she wanted to tell her story to teens just starting to drive. Mary is doing that now, and much more.

This past year Mary has moved forward with her plan, and has been giving presentations to Drivers’ Education classes at local high schools (Hillsborough and Keene so far, in the works for others). She tells students about the dangers – and consequences – of drinking and driving. She tells her story in a funny but compelling way so that students sit up and listen. She's quite a character!

Mary is also working with the My Own Business (MOB) program to develop a business to advise companies who build hotels as to how to best create accessible accommodations. That is another of her passions. Cindy Hatt and Megan MacDonald, along with the entire team, have been instrumental in helping make this story happen. Read the full article from the Keene Sentinel. You also can read the story in the Fall 2008 Monadnock Views.