On Wednesday, April 18 the NH Executive Council once again voted to table a decision on the Medicaid Managed Care contract until its next meeting on Wednesday, May 9. This makes it highly likely that implementaiton of Step 1 (acute care) won't happen until at least January 1, 2013. Details and dtiming on Step 2 (long term care and DD) are still uncertain. Go to the MDS Advocacy page to read most recent articles and updates.

Previous updates:

On Wednesday March 28th, the NH Executive Council made a unanimous decision that they will need more time to review the Medicaid Managed Care contract before they can vote to approve (or disapprove). They tabled voting on the contract until Wednesday, April 18th.

The Councilors also asked for an additional work meeting with Commissioner Toumpas prior to that date at which they can work through the questions they have been receiving. That work meeting is scheduled for Friday April 13th.

This delay in decision-making will likely affect the July 1st, 2012 implementation date for the transition’s first phase, which covers health services and acute care. It’s not clear what the implication is for later phases.

The Councilors also expressed interest in conducting education and outreach meetings together with the DHHS to meet with constituents, with the hope that representatives from the Managed Care Organizations can be present at these sessions.