By a split vote of 3-2, members of New Hampshire's Executive Council approved the $2.3 billion contract establishing a Managed Care system for the state's Medicaid recipients. These contracts still need to be approved by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services in Baltimore, which will take up review in coming weeks and months. Timing on the switch-over is still tentative but current plan is to start Step 1 – Acute Care – by the end of this year. Please stay tuned via our Advocacy page.

In early May DD wait list funding was once again in peril, but as of mid-May appears still to be on the table. The NH House voted on Wednesday by a 247-93 vote to kill HB 1652, which would have provided $3 million to the DD wait list. That vote wasn’t necessarily against wait list funding but rather because of other elements, in particular internet taxes, the House didn’t like.

Fortunately, the House Ways and Means Committee amended another bill, SB 399, to include $1.5 million in General Funds for the DD wait list. This action is thanks in large part to the persistent work of the Peterborough chapter of ABLE-NH. The revised bill was then passed by the full House next and will go back to the Senate for further action ….so it’s stay tuned once again.