The Department of Health & Human Services has recently modified the dates for implementing Step 1 of Medicaid Managed Care, extending the schedule by a month. This update has happened since the Care Management Information Sessions that many of you attended. Step 1 relates only to the enrollment for acute medical care services through Medicaid.

The current implementation schedule (updated early July, subject to change):

    • Initial letter mailed           Mid September

    • Info packets on MMCs    Mid October

    • Enrollment begins            November 1

    • Step 1 start date              January 1, 2013

The date for moving the long-term care system for people who experience disabilities has similarly been extended by one month to January 2014.

These dates could very well change again. We will keep you updated.

The reason for the timing changes is that the Center for Medicaid and Medicare Services (CMS) has requested additional information from the State of NH before they will approve the application for transition to Managed Care. DHHS must provide the information requested within 90 days. This extends the period within which CMS must provide a response to the application. Click here to read the letter from CMS to DHHS.