Governor Maggie Hassan presented her proposed state budget to the Legislature on February 14. This second phase is part of a nearly yearlong five-step process:

1. DHHS Phase – Aug-Oct 2012

2. Governor’s Phase – Nov 2012-Feb 2013

3. House Phase – Feb-Apr 2013

4. Senate Phase – Apr-May 2013

5. Committee of Conference – Jun 2013

CSNI has provided an overview and preliminary analysis of the Governor’s budget, which is her recommendation to the Legislature. The Legislature will likely change the budget, and Gov. Hassan said to the Legislature in her budget address: “I am ready to work with you to develop a final budget plan.”

What do the budget numbers really mean to people and programs? It is critical to keep in mind that the specific impacts of any changes to the State budget may not be fully known for months.

When are the public hearings? House Bill 1 (HB 1) is like any other piece of legislation in NH: it MUST have a public hearing. The House Finance committee will conduct public hearings in the following communities over the next several weeks: Whitefield, Nashua, Rochester, Claremont and Concord. The exact dates and times are unknown as of this printing.

What is House Bill 2? HB 2 is the “trailer bill” and it contains the policy changes implementing the state budget. This bill has not been released.

What about Medicaid Managed Care? The Governor said she recommends the state continue to implement Medicaid Managed Care. However, there was no mention specifically of Step 2, which includes DD services and other long-term care. In addition, Gov. Hassan said she will soon name a Commission to review the entire program.

What about Medicaid expansion? The Governor’s budget assumes Medicaid expansion will move forward in NH in January 2014.

Based on CSNI’s preliminary reading of the Governor’s Budget, it appears that the following items are included in Governor Hassan’s Budget:

  • Current Services: All currently funded services are continued.

  • Rate Increase for Developmental

  • Services: The Governor did not include the DHHS recommended rate increases.

  • DD/ABD Waitlists: Both of these adult waiver waitlists are funded in the Governor’s budget at a 90% level (as

  • mentioned in “From the Desk of Alan Greene”). Gov. Hassan said: “This budget fully funds the waitlists for services for people with acquired brain disorders and developmental disabilities.”

  • In-Home Support Waiver: There is an increase in funding from current levels and it appears the cuts of the previous two years are reversed.

  • Family Support: There is an increase in funding from current levels; it appears the cuts of the previous two years are reversed.

  • Other Programs: We are continuing to examine Early Supports & Services and other BDS programs.

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