The latest Bureau of Developmental Services (BDS) Employment Data Report has been released. The December 2012 report shows an upward trend in the number of people employed since last reporting period, with overall improvement in employment outcomes for individuals supported by the developmental services system in New Hampshire.

Among the 10 Area Agencies, Monadnock Developmental Services ranked third in three of four areas, and well above state averages.

                                                                        MDS                Rank                Statewide

% of Individuals Employed                              45.6%              3rd                    39.1%

Avg hours worked per week                             10.45               3rd                     8.99                

Avg hourly wage per job                                  $7.91               4th                     $8.36

Avg weekly earnings                                         $83                  3rd                    $70

Overall, employment outcomes are improving. However, even with this good news, there is still room for improvement. The average number of hours worked has remained steady at nine hours per week, with the greatest number of people working five hours or less per week.

Click here to read the full report, which is filled with valuable information for those interested in employment for people with disabilities.