Thanks to Stonewall Farm and the Family Council, MDS Children’s Services and Partners in Health (PIH) have started a community garden for families. Stonewall Farm in west Keene has generously donated the land for the project, as well as compost (manure), water and a shed to store gardening tools. As of mid-May, the land has been prepared, the beds put in, and the garden is ready for planting.

A number of the families supported by MDS have limited income and struggle with being able to afford fresh vegetables. Many live in apartments and would never have the opportunity to have their own garden. Some families struggle with cooking skills.

“Setting up this community garden with several dozen families will go a long way to encourage healthy eating, physical activity and provides a free activity that allows families to connect with one another,” says Janet O’Brien, PIH coordinator. “It’s a great way to significantly enhance the quality of their lives in many ways.”

Families who decide to join the project will participate in planting and caring for the garden and then receive a portion of the vegetables and flowers. They’ll also get simple and healthy recipes for the foods they grow. A family’s time commitment is part of a day for the group to prepare and plant the garden, then approximately an hour or two every other week for garden upkeep.

Stop by Stonewall Farm and see how the MDS garden is growing!