MDS services and supports are provided by:

Children’s Service Coordination (CSC) – works with families to determine the best combination of supports for children up to age 21. Includes Early Supports and Services (ESS), Partners in Health, In-Home Supports, and information and referral.

Adult Service Coordination (ASC) – works with individuals over age 21 to identify and develop the support they need to live in their community.

Specialty Services – provides Intake, Respite, Transportation, and Nursing.

MDS Birth to Three – provides early intervention services for children aged 3 and under who have a developmental delay.

MDS Individual Services Option (ISO) – provides direct support to people so they can live in their home, go to work, and participate as valued community members.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (MCST) – offers employment support and transition resources to students and adults with a wide variety of disabilities.

Provider Agencies – work directly with individuals served by MDS to provide residential, employment and other supports.


MDS services include:

Consulting on disabilities issues

Service coordination

Family support services

Family Council

Supported living services

Self-Directed Services (SDS)

Partners in Health

Project SEARCH

Vocational supports

Recreational supports

Consumer benefits coordination and assistance

Training and educational opportunities

Quality Improvement