New Hampshire Partners in Health

New Hampshire Partners in Health is a community-based family support program designed to address the needs of families who have children with chronic health conditions.

Directed by family concerns, and maintaining a family-centered approach, PIH works within the family and child community to facilitate and enhance the care and services needed.

Partners in Health works with schools, medical providers, churches, social services and other community organizations to create a setting that will enhance a family's quality of life.

Who we serve

Families of children from birth to 21 with a chronic health condition that is:

  • certified by a physician;

  • expected to last 6 months or more;

  • affecting daily life.

Examples of diagnoses

  • autoimmune deficiencies

  • diabetes

  • respiratory diseases

  • heart conditions

  • cancer

  • leukemia

  • genetic disorders

  • intestinal diseases

  • muscular disorders

  • bone diseases

  • neurological diseases

  • rare diseases

Areas of assistance

Services are tailored to each family's individual needs but can include:

  • referral to related resources;

  • referral to grant or loan programs;

  • parent support;

  • family activities;

  • medical or educational equipment;

  • Respite;

  • discussion groups and meetings.

For more information, contact the Partners in Health Coordinator at 603-352-1304.