The Board of Directors directs MDS’s general management as the governing body of this $30 million area agency that provides services for individuals with developmental and related disabilities in the 34 towns of the Monadnock region. The Board (whose size can range from 9-25 members) is required to include at least a third of its membership as people with developmental disabilities or as parents/siblings/guardians of those with developmental disabilities. Each Board member must reside in one of those 34 towns.

The work of the Board is done by seven committees, made up of Board members, staff and community representatives. These committees are Executive, Finance, Personnel, Nominating, Human Rights, Development, and Building/Maintenance.

2021 Board members

Mickey Cronin, Board President - Chesterfield

Jim Schofield Immediate Past President - Keene

Mike Forrest - Vice President - Keene

Tim Jordan, Treasurer - Keene

Beth Provost, Secretary - Keene

Jeanne Hearn - Keene

Elizabeth Kenney - Peterborough

Terry Manahan - Harrisville

Steve Nelson, Family Council Liaison - Temple

Adele Remillard - Jaffrey

Sand Seligman - Keene

(updated 8/21/2021)


MDS Mission Statement
Because we believe…

  • everyone, from children to the elderly, has the right to experience a safe, supportive family life, in all its many facets;

  • respecting each person’s and each family’s values is the foundation for building and strengthening people’s lives;

  • power, authority and responsibility lie with each person for how they will live their life.

The mission of MDS is…
to work toward inclusion, participation and mutual relationships for all people who are at risk of isolation from community. We will promote self-determination and quality of life, develop an environment which encourages creativity, innovation and individuality, and ensure quality of supports.