MDS provides quality services for people with developmental disabilities or acquired brain injuries and their families that:

  • allow people to live in their communities as contributing citizens;

  • provide choice and control in making decisions about needed services;

  • assist in finding services or resources that meet their individual needs.

People with disabilities and their families enlist MDS to:

  • assist them in accessing resources and activities in their community;

  • help them live at home;

  • advise them in developing life and career goals;

  • support them to find jobs and homes;

  • encourage them to meet people with similar interests;

  • provide educational advocacy and support;

  • facilitate networking between families;

  • advocate for appropriate educational services;

  • learn about and choose the best medical professionals;

  • educate them to know their rights and responsibilities.


MDS services include:

Consulting on disabilities issues

Service coordination

Family support services

Family Council

Supported living services

Self-Directed Services (SDS)

Partners in Health

Project SEARCH

Vocational supports

Recreational supports

Consumer benefits coordination and assistance

Training and educational opportunities

Quality Improvement