The Monadnock Family Council can provide help to MDS Families who are struggling during this pandemic. These instructions will guide you to apply for funding through the COVID 19 Relief Fund. These funds, up to $200 per family, are meant to support families with needs specifically related to the COVID 19 Pandemic and should not replace other available funding. Please contact your MDS Service Coordinator for more information and to apply.


Eligibility: Any MDS-eligible individual who resides in the home with a family member is eligible for these funds. This includes children who are receiving Early Supports and Services.

Funding: Each eligible participant may be approved for up to $200 in relief funds. Funding is first come first serve and may be changed due to funding or changes in needs.

Source: These funds are being made available at the direction of the Family Council of the Monadnock Region. Who is the Family Council? We are group of family members advising MDS on the needs of families in our region. We represent you!! Give us a call; come to a meeting; ask a question. Let us know how things are going for your family. We need to hear from you!

Categories of Funding:
1. Services – Funds can be requested to help support services directly to the individual such as respite, tutoring, haircuts, etc.
2. Recreation – These funds are designed to support activities to keep participants occupied while remaining safely at home. Examples include: Basketball hoops, art supplies, electronic devices for entertainment, parking pass to State Parks, etc.
3. Goods – These funds are meant to purchase items for the participant. Examples could include: clothing, printers, ink, paper, hiking boots, back to school supplies, etc.
4. Financial- These funds are meant to support financial difficulties related to COVID 19. Examples could include: assistance with a bill (utilities, rent, mortgage), gift cards for groceries, gift cards for gas. Gift card requests must be to a specific place for a specific need.
5. Other – If submitting for something that does not fit in any category please be specific in your request.

Criteria: Submit your request through your MDS Service Coordinator. Provide the following information:
1. Any funding request must not be a service covered by any other funding source (school districts, insurance, long term funding).
2. All requests must state how COVID 19 impacted or created the need.
3. When funding a payment, MDS must either receive an invoice to pay directly or proof that the payment was already made so that reimbursement can be provided.
4. If supporting a bill, proof will be required that the funding will sufficiently pay the minimum payment to prevent a shut off.
5. The Family Council supports the CDC recommendations for the social and community gatherings. Admission to amusement parks, movies theaters and other community recreation activities that promote groups of gathering will not be funded.

Please contact your MDS Service Coordinator for more information and to apply.